Here I am with the second part of Milan Fashion week snaps. From bathroom selfies to couture lingerie with diamond embroideries <3

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1/ Favorite splash of color on my waist // 2 / Italian essentials in between the shows // 3 /4/ Tommy Zhong presentation // 5/6/ Grinko show

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7 / Racine Carree cocktail party // 8 / Running around Milan in Mango dress and Escada coat on my waist // 9 / Beautiful interior on via Montenapoleone // 10/ Kenzo x I-D magazine party // 11/ Lor Rive by Lorena Rivero couture lingerie showroom

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12/ 13/ 14/ Lor Rive by Lorena Rivero couture lingerie showroom // 15/ 2nd day of MFW, wearing Versace heel, sheer vintage dress with DIY trousers and a Hermes bag

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Belated iphone snapshots from Milan Fashion Week, which was pretty much a week of running around the city. Not all of it, but you might have seen some of those pics on @ivoblog. Stay tuned for more!

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1 / United Colors of Benetton event at La Triennale di Milano // 2 / Palazzo Clerici // 3 / Hiding from the sun with Chloe shades, wearing sweater knitted by my mum and a Chanel bag

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5 / 6 / 7 / CDivertiamo presentation, Alain Tondowski footwear

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8 / Palazzo Clerici  // 9 / 10 / Fashion Shenzen // 12 / Wearing Zara boots, Chanel bag, handmade sweater and H&M leather skirt  // 13 / Daniela Gregis at Oratorio della Passione

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If anyone asks me how was the Copenhagen Fashion Week, I say I loved it in a second. So many great collections, such a stylish crowd around, such a cool city to be in – how could you not?

What I like the most about Scandinavian fashion is that it almost looks as if the designers’ team was working under no pressure. Which is probably not true at all, but just the feeling of not making too much effort makes the atmosphere so relaxed and that is one of the main things I look up to in fashion. Simplicity is the key. Am I right?-

Before the autumn comes I want to share the top SS17 collections from Copenhagen Fashion Week. There is no first or second here, I am not rating them. It’s just the ones that I subjectively enjoyed the most. Hopefully you did/will too.

-I will start with Fonnesbech (picture above). A brand, that has a suprisingly long history in a fashion world. It was founded in 1847 and grew from a small basement shop to an exclusive department store, to a successful brand later on, that stands for high quality, sophisticated and responsible fashion.
Classy with a twist – that is how I would describe the SS17 collection and that would also be quite an accurate description of the brand as a whole. Sun bleached color range and flexible silluethes, as well as the set of the runway and the live music, created a very relaxed atmosphere.
Every piece in it is pretty much what I would add to my pinterest board these days. Even if there was nothing unexpected, I praise Fonnesbech for giving the modern feeling while standing true to their brand. Well done, Mia Lisa Spon!



If you follow my Instagram, you obviously know what I’ve been doing last week. It was hard to miss such thing. If you not (although you know you should), oh well, keep on reading. I’ve been attending  Copenhagen Fashion Week shows and events and now, since I’m back home, I’m going to post series of posts about it.
So, here is the very first part of my three days in Copenhagen.
I started out the fashion week by attending breakfast at Tommy Hilfiger showroom. After an early 7AM flight, that was a great kick putting me in a fashion week mood. Coffee, tasty breakfast snacks, stylish people and pretty clothes around – who would refuse a chance to start a day like that?


reminder for myself: Ieva, please check your drafts folder more often.
for some inexplicable reason, I haven’t shared this post with you guys. better later than never though!
going back to Berlin Fashion Week this January, you can’t mention Dorothee Scumacher. just look at the accessorizing – every detail is a must! and even if it’s an autumn/winter collection, I’m pretty sure it’s very up-to-date and a perfect inspiration for this spring.

check the full collection HERE


photo – Dainius Cepla

best things happen when you don’t plan them – this rule has been stalking me forever. you might think this outfit was prepared weeks before but the story doesn’t sound like that at all. 
two hours before the INZI show I came to Toma’s loft. I changed my clothes, did a quick make up. I was completely unsatisfied with my look but luckily, Toma took us to ALL IS ONE studio which was a life saver. 
thanks to Virginija Valeišaitė, we both had a chance to wear these breathtaking outfits for the night.