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as a little girl, I always wanted my birthday to be in summer. February in Lithuania is often horribly windy and still extremely cold, leaving no chance of celebrating your birthday outside. 
so today I chose to spent some time in botanical gardens, all bright and covered in greenery.
smiling and happy, as you see! definitely proud to be 24 years old, I have really good expectations about this upcoming year and I’m also ready to work hard to make it happen. happy 24th to me!

it’s Sunday, it’s the last day of summer, so I thought that a little bit of nostalgia wouldn’t hurt. 
even though I have nothing against upcoming autumn, cause I’m sure it’s going to be great and coats are still my biggest passion, there is always something magical about summertime. 
this summer was so beautiful, so dynamic! I got my BA in photography and media arts, I became an aunt, I had the most amazing holidays at the seaside and Sūpynės festival was the highlight of June. as well as many other things, lots of small details that makes me smile just thinking of it. and then I moved to UK, where everything is going great and I’m enjoying every piece of new experiences here.
that was a season to remember, let’s raise our glasses for summer 2014! 

paprastai tokių konkursų vengiu, o ir ‘Panelė‘ nėra skaitomiausias mano žurnalas. tiesą sakant, čia tikriausiai antra nusipirkta ‘Panelė’ gyvenime.  
tačiau, vieną gražią dieną buvau itin geros nuotaikos ir nusprendžiau sudalyvauti. ar gailiuosi? tikrai ne. džiaugiuosi, kad buvau atrinkta, džiaugiuosi išlikusiais fotosesijos įspūdžiais ir manau, kad tikrai džiaugiuosi rezultatu.
ryškesnė nei visada ir truputį neįprasta pati sau. bet to ir norėjau, tad galiu drąsiai sakyti – viskas pavyko.
komplimentai komandai!

hair & make up – Julija Estko
photography – Algis Kriščiūnas
styling – Ieva Ukanytė

finally the results!
usually i avoid contests like this. and “Panele” magazine is not my favorite magazine, i think that’s the 2nd bought issue in my life. 
however, one beautiful day i was oddly cheerful and decided to participate. do i regret? NO for sure.
i’m more than happy that they’ve chosen me, i will certainly remember the whole photoshoot and i believe i’m really satisfied with the results.
brighter than usually and a little bit unfamiliar even for myself. but that’s what i wanted, so i can surely say out loud – everything paid off.

compliments for the team!


photo –  Ovidijus

pastaruoju metu burbančios, kad neturiu kuo užsiimti, tikrai neišgirsite. tiesą pasakius, vos spėju suktis. 
ką veikiu? na, vienas iš dalykų yra tai, jog visą kovą esu Deichmann Trendblog viešnia!
svečiuotis malonu, šeimininkai svetingi – nesiskundžiu. 
kol kas tinklaraštyje yra vienas mano įrašas, o viršuje jums mažas sneak peak’as iš pasirodysiančio truputį vėliau.
ir beje, receptai, kai pailginti paros trukmę visada laukiami!

complaints like ‘i have nothing to do’ are so forgotten recently. honestly, i don’t even know how to have time for everything.
what am i doing? well, to begin with, this month i’m a guest blogger for Deichmann Trendblog!
well, the visit is pleasing, the hosts are hospitable enough – i have no regrets
there is one post by me on the blog right now, more are coming soon!

btw, if you have some, please share your recipes how to make a day longer!

/from the left on top/
1/ that’s how we treat us on Mondays with Fill the City
2/ daydreaming
3/ L’oreal Paris giftbags at Vaida Venckutė Wondertime fashion and beauty salon opening
4/ a moment of total release while visitting my hometown
5/ photoshoot for Panele magazine. results will be quite soon!
6/ best window display i’ve ever seen. of course, it was just a minute between replacing the set, but still!
7/ a little sneak peek from shoot with Toma
8/ pic from opening of Robert Kalinkin boutique, which looks really great! adore the walls
9/ still from one of Sebastian Diaz Morales artworks. great exhibition, and it is still on! at Contemporary Art Centre (CAC). more info here
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na, gimtadienis tikrai nėra viena diena! greičiau savaitė. 
savaitė, nestokojanti nei šypsenų, nei gražių žodžių. džiaugiuosi aplink turėdama pačius nuostabiausius žmones, jų palinkėjimai tikrai pažadino pavasarį! pamažu atsigauna gamta – atsigaunu ir aš. seniems/naujiems darbams, seniems/naujiems tikslams, šviežioms mintims!
o kad įrašas turėtų bent kokią prasmę, nuoširdžiai sveikinu save su gimtadieniu! 
well, birthday doesn’t last just a day! it’s more like a week.
a week full of smiles and beautiful words coming towards me. i’m honestly glad having the most amazing people around me who literally brought spring! i’m recovering as well. for new/old projects, new/old goals and fresh ideas!
and to make this post at least a little bit meaningful, happy birthday to me!