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Balenciaga, $540

Happy autumn everyone! I know it’s still the beginning of September and probably (well, hopefully), summery days will last up until October. However, time goes quickly and it’s always better to be prepared. So here I am, back with The Basic Series, my favourite series of posts I have done so far. I have already covered wardrobe essentials like a black blazer, blue denim jeans and a white Tee. This post is very autumn-friendly as I will talk a bit more about the importance of having a pair of black boots.

How can you even live without having one? Trying to throw together a look without a pair of black boots is like trying to bake a cake without an oven (very smart analogy, I know). Especially for your day-to-day wear. I mean, I love a beautiful red pair of block heels too sometimes, but there’s only a limited amount of outfits you can think of wearing one. Even if you could manage to wear them daily, I really don’t think you want to become the woman in red shoes. It’s just too eye-catching. Whereas a black pair, even if it’s something extraordinary, like the boots by Margiela or Bottega Veneta (added below), is extremely easy to wear every single day. And also proves that practical can still be cool.



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Totême, 210€

Let’s get back to the basics, shall we? No matter how pleasing for the eye is to have a closet, bursting full of one-off, vintage finds, speaking from my own experience, it usually is impossible to build outfits just from them because nothing actually goes. That’s why it is so important to create a collection of go-to, good quality basics. Having these outfit building-blocks means less struggle dressing up in the morning and fewer spendings all together.


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Mango Wool Blazer

Here it comes, the second part of The Basic Series. Welcome back, if you have already read the first part, where I shared my top shopping list for a classic white tee. And hello to you, babes, who just found out about this blog. Basic Choices is a series of posts that will most certainly help you out to build that coordinated wardrobe you can always count on.

If basic t-shirts are the starting point of every good wardrobe, a blazer, preferably a black one, is the ultimate wardrobe essential. It doesn’t even matter what you are about to wear that day, thrown over anything or everything, a well-fitted black blazer can be an instant fix.

I, personally, always have to have a one of these on hand. I throw it over a T-shirt or anything at all and it has the power to make me feel polished every time. Essential, if you don’t have too much time to try on several outfits on (which is more or less every day) and if you still need to look your very best (which is also more or less every day).


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Welcome to the very first part of my new Basic Choices series. Getting on the latest trends is great, I have nothing against it, however, you won’t be able to do much with them if the base of your day-to-day wardrobe is in chaos. Building out a closet is much the same as building a house – you must lay a solid foundation if you want it to serve its actual purpose. That said, it’s not easy at all. There are more or less a million things that can be wrong with a single white tee or a pair of denim jeans. The cut, the colour, the fabric, the fit, the collar – you name it.

I’ve decided to start these series of posts so that life would become a touch easier. And trust me, having a coordinated wardrobe you can always count on, does exactly that.



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It’s a crazy busy Christmas season, yet before we all completely dive in into the festivities, I wanted to share my Pre-Fall 2019 favorites. Both Resort and Pre-Fall collections give me a major excitement. They’re just always so in tune with the ongoing trends of the season and the fact that you can bring them straight into your wardrobe makes everything so much more fun.

I couldn’t even fit into a top 5, it’s that good, so here you are, a top 7 of Pre-Fall 2019, by yours truly.


December.. already! It means it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and a lot like Christmas shopping madness as well. It’s always better to get this done early, so the time to fill up these carts is just right. If like me, you find yourself getting a little carried away this time of year, here’s a little something just for you that will surely appease the shopping beast and won’t break the bank.

I present you a list of the best festive gifts that you can get your mitts on. And don’t worry, it’s all under 50 eur!

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1// Large Aqua Cultura vase from minima. makes an amazing gift for a minimalist flowerholic who cares about his/her home looking cosy. Designed and manufactured by Kinto, it is composed of 2 parts, the plate and the vase, which make taking care of plants easy. The plate supports the growing leaves such as herbs and it is also perfectly shaped for bulbs like hyacinth and seeds like avocado. ivoblog--stylish christmas guide under 50 euros--2

2//  Another great gift that I found on minima. online store is this Stool 60 / 80th Anniversary poster, designed by Greige in 2013. They ship internationally, however, if you are ever around Birmingham, UK, minima. has their store in 58 George Street, Birmingham, B3 1QA. Feel free to stop by, I’m sure you’ll find tons of amazing options for Christmas gifts, or just for your own home.


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By Malene Birger

The “stay warm” topic is very much relevant today, as it is getting colder every hour, and it will stay relevant for four more months (if not longer), at least in the northern part of Europe, where I am based at the moment. That said, I prepared a little post with my top choices for this season. When it comes to sweaters, I am a big believer in quality materials since that is exactly what will help you to keep the optimal body temperature. Lucky me, my mom has golden hands and knits from time to time (check the latest piece of knitwear here), so during the years I’ve gathered a nice collection of thick, -30°C weather approved sweaters.

However, I’m still not sure that what I have is enough for a Lithuanian winter, so I took some time to surf through online stores and check what’s good in there. Here’s what I found, I hope you’ll find something you like too! Or at least you’ll get inspired to wrap yourself up in some warm knitwear. There’s definitely stuff to choose from.



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All pictures belong to vogue.com

I can definitely call Resort collections my favorite. Of course, I like to follow rtw and couture as well, however, Resort shows are the ones I am waiting for the most. Don’t ask me to name any particular reasons, since I can’t think of even one. It’s like magic, or love, or pancakes, or love for pancakes – you can’t explain why and how, it’s just there.  This season I loved it in particular.  So much, that I’ve even decided to dedicate a gigantic board on my Pinterest profile and share some of my favorite outfits here with you guys.

The post is separated into three sections: firstly, you’ll see my top 5 that I chose from collections of the well known brands, the second one features my three golden discoveries and the last one is just.. I won’t tell you, make sure you reach the end and you’ll find out.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this flow of perfection.


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Village girl, or  a french girl, as we all like to call it nowadays.  And when it comes to french style, Françoise Hardy or Jane Birkin with their iconic fringe, mini skirts and all the wicker baskets come to my mind. As well as today’s instagram goddesses Louise Follain, Jeanne Damas and many others. All of them are ambassadors of this effortless chic lifestyle that connects everything from clothing and accessories to morning coffee and book on your bedside table.

To be frank, I have no clue if all of that is french at all, I was born and raised in grey and cold post-soviet Lithuania (awesome excuse for lack of knowledge), but it looks like it and I love to think that it is like that. There is no secret that I have a sweet spot for all things parisian and since weather has warmed up so much recently, this affection goes only stronger.

Adding to this, there’s no better time to fill up your closet with wrap skirts and printed dresses. For a real french girl feel and quality designs, check these four online stores below. You will not go wrong with any of them. Alternatively, you could also check out local vintage boutiques, it is very likely you would find some wicked treasures there, however, today let’s see what’s out in the world.