When days are freezing and dark like that, the only thing you can do to fight this November moodiness is drown yourself in sunny memories that hopefully will give you at least a bit of warmth. That’s exactly what I did yesterday and I realized that I haven’t shared even one pic here. September and the beginning of October I spent in my beloved Italy and it was a blast! Not only because Italy is always amazing, but since I used to live there for almost two years, it was great to see all my favourite places and favourite people once again. I also went down to Liguria for week, simply to have some time for myself, which was the cherry on top – I loved it so much!

This post is not a guide to travelling in Italy. It’s more like a fun snapshot diary. So many things I’ve done and places I’ve visited are missing. However I hope you’ll enjoy bits of my autumnal Italian trip and next time I think I will prepare a proper guide for you guys. There are tons of things I could reccomend! Let me know if you think it’s a good idea too. Kisses!


ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (3)

1/ Italian pizza // 2/ Bestie who came to see me all the way from Swiss // 3/ Sunny lovely blue sky

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (2)

4/ 5/ 6/ Espresso per favore


ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (1)

7/ More of the blue sky and lovely architecture combo // 8/ Enjoying the sunshine and an espresso, of course // 9/ The view I missed quite a bit after moving out of Milano

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (4)

10/ Interior of Mudec, a must-visit gallery on via Tortona // 11/ Did I mention I love the blue sky (a.k.a bleu)? // 12/ Monika and one of the many espressos

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (9)

13/ I will never ever get bored of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, no matter how popular it is // 14/ The bubbly Manuel, one of the most talented makeup artists and creative directors I know // 15/ Not a fancy one, but cosy and very Italian in a way

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (8)

16/ Leonardo da Vinci, looking peacefully from above // 17/ A cafè close to the central station // 18/ Monika, tired of all the attention

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (11)

19/ Via Plinio // 20/ Details of the look // 21/ Wearing my favorite vintage skirt

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (10)

22/ 23/ 24/ One of the presentations I attended during fashion week in Milan – HUI. Worth checking out, I loved everything about it

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (12)

25/ Fresh flowers on every corner // 26/ #effortless look of the day: vintage bag, vintage skirt and men’s shirt // 27/ Staying in Italy and not having pasta is too big of a challenge

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (6)

28/ Abbiategrasso, Italy // 29/ Surprise surprise, time for espresso! // 30/ And maybe some music, too

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (7)

31/ 32/ 33/ Exactly, that’s what I’ve been doing in Italy for three weeks. And it’s not like I took a picture of my espresso everytime I had one

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (15)

34/ And then I decided to leave Milano for a week and get some vitamin Sea // 35/ Knowing that my friends back in Lithuania were wrapping up in layers made me feel even better // 36/ Eden, exactly. That’s where I spent the first week of October

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (16)

37/ I mean, it looks like heaven right?? // 38/ Bagni Medusa in Genova Nervi // 39/ Cactuses all around

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (22)

40/ Last days this year walking around with bare legs and polka dot dresses // 41/ Very inviting // 42 / Recco, Italy

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (14)

43/ Sun, sea and a good book // 44/ 45/ Passeggiata di Nervi – one of the best routes for a morning run in so far

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (5)

46/ Camogli, Italy // 47/ All you need in life is here // 48/ Probably the only cloudy day in those three weeks

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (20)

49/ Cloudy doesn’t mean boring when you’re in Italy. A short hike from Camogli to San Rocco was the best idea for such a day // 50/ Messy hair and a bare face was my go to for the whole week // 51/ Camogli, Italy. Pretty little town

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (19)

52/ 53/ 54/ The hiking route

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (21)

55/ Happy // 56/ Cloudy and still colorful Camogli // 57/ A new developed passion for cactuses in their natural habitat

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (18)

58/ Recco, Italy // 59/ Focaccia di Recco. Very cheesy, really fat and extremely tasty // 60/ Pizza for dinner – gym for the breakfast. I call it balanced lifestyle

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (13)

61/ Another day in heaven // 62/ Botanical garden in Nervi // 63/ Saying yes to gelato al pistacchio

ivoblog--milano-liguria-travel diary (17)

64/ Nervi, Italy // 65/ On the way to the beach, obviously // 66/ And of course, another espresso

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