IVOBLOG - denim ootd with escada coat (1)

Wearing: Jeans – Lindex, bag – vintage, top – H&M, neon pink jacket – Escada

Photos – Greta Zilinskaite

No matter what season we are currently in, a quality pair of denim trousers is always a MUST in your closet. It’s comfy as * and extremely versatile too. Unless you’re attending a black-tie event, it’s hard to come up with an occasion where you couldn’t pass with a jeans’ look. With the right fit and the right accessories, of course!

This outfit is pretty much my uniform these days. Great for picking up groceries, comfy for travelling, presentable enough to meet your friends in town – you name it. With your hair slicked up for immediate chicness and a pair of sparkly earrings, this could easily become a perfect party look. Or it also could be dressed down to a casual ‘weekend in the countryside’ ensemble – just switch to a pair of sneakers and throw on a chunky cardigan to keep you cosy and warm.

I could keep naming great options non-stop, yet firstly you need a good pair of jeans, right? I trust Lindex for a number of years now. They have a plenty of fits for every body type, I’m sure you’ll find something just for you.


IVOBLOG - denim ootd with escada coat (3)IVOBLOG - denim ootd with escada coat (2)

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