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Wearing: shirt – Suit Supply, skirt – Lindex, shoes – Finery London, sunglasses – H&M, bag – vintage

If you would ask me, what my number one wardrobe staple is, I would say it’s a white shirt. Without a blink. Very likely it will be an oversized one and even more likely, it’s simply a men’s shirt. Why men’s? Well, I believe, and you probably already heard me saying that men’s clothing suits me really well. But also, it’s usually much easier to find a better quality oversized white shirt in men’s clothing stores.

It might sound boring, but with the right accessories and the right lipstick, it never is. That’s why it’s such a genius piece of clothing – simple and chic. So, hoping you already have your favourite white shirt in your closet, I’m giving you out a little when & how, a.k.a everything you need to know about styling the white shirt. 

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you’re late. if you keep your shirt ironed on a hanger, that’s your best option on days when snooze button is too tempting.

you ruin your clothes at your boyfriend’s place. I can’t think of a better chance to steal one of your lover’s shirts. Smart thinking.

you have a party to attend after work. The beauty of a white shirt is that it can be smart, it can be casual and it can also be a party attire. All you need is just a pair of blingy earrings and a nice pair of heels. And this look is for everyone. Yes, you can pull it off too.

it’s gloomy outside and you feel down. Of course, the red lipstick is my number one mood fixer. However, white shirt (or a combination of both) can do the same. There’s something about the white colour and the crispiness of the fabric that gives you an instant boost of extra super powers.


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tuck it in a pair of high-waisted trousers or a skirt. Going for a men’s shirt is a perfect option here. It’s not waisted, so you’ll have that nice draping around the upper body.

add a red lip. White shirt + red lipstick is something magical, so far I haven’t met anyone who could resist this combo. Red lipstick also balances out the masculine touch of an oversized shirt and makes you a lady again. Not just an ordinary lady, a strong and confident woman.

add accessories. A lovely silk scarf or a nice set of golden necklaces – it’s up to you. White shirt is like a white canvas, it’s completely open for you to experiment.

layer up. Wear your white shirt under a silk dress which like the red lipstick, will also add some elegance to the look. Or try to layer the shirt over a thin turtleneck sweater. Go for a colourful one and you’ll be surprised what a nice twist that brim of the sleeve can give for the whole look.

roll up your sleeves. This easy trick gives you an effortless feel and also, wrists are usually a pretty part to show off, so don’t hide it.

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