ivoblog --- mfw - street style milano - 1

coat – Paco Rabbane vintage, bag – Zara, trousers – second hand, scarf – Lindex

Nothing is more important in life than a good coat. Well, maybe a few other things but let’s leave them for later. A coat is everything. Even here in Milan, even when the spring is finally coming, I choose to wear a short-sleeve blouse and wrap myself in wool. This Paco Rabbane vintage beauty was found quite recently in my hometown in Lithuania. I paid 4 euros and I most likely will keep it for at least 4 years.


ivoblog --- mfw - street style milano - 6

ivoblog --- sundays-lindex-ootd in milano 004

bag – Lindex, denim – Lindex, top – H&M, cardigan – Sundays

Hello there! I am back again. I should probably say Happy New Year since I have not written a blog post for hundred years. The year is pretty happy so far. And since it is such a sunny day and I am back in Milan for a bit, I decided to post this unpublished look taken, well, I will not even tell you when. However, everything that you see in these pictures is still in my wardrobe and have become everyday staples.

This post is also a tiny update to prepare you for more to come! I have been planning some quite exciting stuff recently, I hope you will enjoy it. As I am going to!