ivoblog --- chloe eyewear-zara slippers-summer look 01

ivoblog --- chloe eyewear-zara slippers-summer look 03

slippers – Zara, dress – vintage, bag – Lindex, sunglasses – Chloe

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

I’m not going to lie to you – recently I’ve been in my comfy clothes a lot. Well, more than I should. I’ve dedicated this August to updating my photography portfolio (hence you see fewer updates here), meaning either shooting in comfy clothing or retouching in even comfier outfits at home.

So,  I don’t get to experiment with garments from my closet as much as I used to before, however you could still notice that during the past three months, my wardrobe got a lot more flowery. I don’t even have a rational explanation to this (could be influenced by hot Italian summer weather of course), yet it is a fact now, instead of going for black from head to toe, as usual, I find myself putting on everything whats flowy and light. And, extremely often, flowery.

I can’t guarantee that this tendency will stay during autumn and winter, chances are it won’t. For now, I love it, so let’s flower up!


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