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denim – Lindex, top – Zara, trench coat – vintage, bag – COW vintage, sandals – Truffle collection

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

My favorite thing recently is complaining about the weather here in Lithuania and I don’t even feel guilty for being so grumpy about it. No one expects it to be so miserable in July. “How awful the weather is” has also become the most common topic in conversations I hear around. Because it really is pretty bad!

The only positive thing having when the thermometer doesn’t hit higher than 20C is that you get to wear your beloved autumn/winter pieces and layer it up or to wear skinny denim jeans without getting sweaty in a minute. Talking about denim, I found a perfect pair in Lindex just last week. It’s not very often when high-waisted skinny jeans fit me so well. Since I’m pear-shaped, usually it’s either too loose on the waistline or too tight on the hips. Or the length is not long enough, or the waistline is too low – lots of little things can be wrong even if it’s only a pair of basic jeans. However these ones tick all the boxes and knowing that Lindex denim is high quality and sustainable (!), without a doubt it could be called a recommendation of the month.

I’m coming back to Milan next week and I give you 100 percent that I won’t fit in my luggage but hey, this pair is really worth it, right?


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