it’s that time of the year again! the time when a swimsuit is all you want to wear and beach is the only place to be. I’m going back to Lithuania in a week and my plan is to soak in the water and desiccate in the sun as often as possible. fingers crossed, I might even develop some tan (naive yet might happen). 
of course, a stylish swimsuit/bikini is a must. these nine are my top choices of the moment:
1. Anjuna  fringed one-shoulder swimsuit 2. Norma Kamali Bishop printed bandeau swimsuit 3. ERES Les Essentiels Aquarelle swimsuit 4. SOLID AND STRIPED The Annie Marie striped swimsuit 5. Lindex Bandeau bikini 6. Adidas Performance swimsuit 7. Lindex Midnight Blue Bandeau bikini 8. ERES Petula Nikki one-shoulder swimsuit 9. GANNI Ellis swimsuit
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