turtleneck – About Baltic Underwear, shoes – Primark, bag – Lindex, jacket – Topman, trousers – Lindex, hat – H&M
hi! spring is the only thing everyone thinks of, isn’t it? I’m no exception here, happy to walk around with bare ankles and listen to birds singing in the morning.
About Baltic turtleneck saved today’s outfit from becoming another black from head to toe look. I got this turtleneck few months ago and I have no idea why I waited so long to show it for you guys. I was a bit shocked when I first opened the parcel and saw color that bright. however somehow it works with my all black outfits and I wear it from time to time. this tencel fabric is something you must experience yourself (read more HERE). don’t think I’m brave enough to combine it with other colors than black or white, though.
I’m also wearing my new Lindex trousers which is definitely a must-have this season and have become my favorite trousers already. perfect for any day, any weather and any occasion. just be smart while accessorizing.

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