clutch – Zara, heels – Cos, earrings – Whistles, dress – D.Efect
so it’s Friday already, isn’t it?
and you definitely have a plan for tonight. usually it’s either staying in or going out.

my major advise for a night out look is to keep it as simple as possible. the more comfortable your outfit will be, the more fun you will have that night. that’s what I’ve learnt during the time and it is quite basic but so many girls still forget that! I know, it’s not easy to understand that you can look beautiful and sexy without super tight mini dress and nine inch heels, but trust me, you actually can.
this outfit above is a perfect example of it. just add your gorgeous smile, a touch of bright lipstick – and here you are, diva of the night! 

shirt – Lindex, slippers – M&S, skin mask – Pevonia, foaming bath – L’occitane
by the way, you’re not compelled to go out or do something super fun every single Friday. you know that, right? sometimes it feels so good just to stay at home and pamper yourself with a nice scented bath and a relaxing face mask. that’s exactly what I’m going to do tonight.
after the bath part spoil yourself with a good meal, get into your favorite lounge wear (I’ve just found these perfect nightshirt at and turn on a movie for the night. my recommendation would be Magnolia or The Royal Tenenbaums. 
No matter what choice you’ll make, enjoy this Friday night!
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