my previous post was about what guys can buy for their goddesses on Valentine’s Day. 
most of my readers are girls, so now, few ideas on how to please your man:
1 – About Baltic lounge shirt. great material, quality, classic cut. I have About Baltic turtleneck myself (be sure to hear about it more) and it’s so comfy! worth falling in love. /these in a photo above and much more choices HERE
2 –  Copper flask. let your man to drink sometimes. in style. /order it HERE
3 – Rokenbau bracelet. I saw my fellow blogger Ovidijus wearing it and I had to check their page immediately. /get one HERE
4 – Coins wallet from Under My Roof. their design is always a pleasure to my eyes. and it’s a very practical gift, too. /enjoy HERE
that’s it, enough with the goods! mix your man a nice cocktail and show him your signature moves. you’re a goddess, I’m sure you have some.
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2 thoughts on “ Valentine’s Day | gifts for him or ‘how to please your man’ ”

  1. Valentines Gifts For Him a set of matching titanium necklaces goes together when you are together, and keeps you on each others mind when you are apart. Even though these don’t cost very much, they look and feel like high quality jewelry so you can feel good about wearing and giving them.

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