photo –  Ovidijus

pastaruoju metu burbančios, kad neturiu kuo užsiimti, tikrai neišgirsite. tiesą pasakius, vos spėju suktis. 
ką veikiu? na, vienas iš dalykų yra tai, jog visą kovą esu Deichmann Trendblog viešnia!
svečiuotis malonu, šeimininkai svetingi – nesiskundžiu. 
kol kas tinklaraštyje yra vienas mano įrašas, o viršuje jums mažas sneak peak’as iš pasirodysiančio truputį vėliau.
ir beje, receptai, kai pailginti paros trukmę visada laukiami!

complaints like ‘i have nothing to do’ are so forgotten recently. honestly, i don’t even know how to have time for everything.
what am i doing? well, to begin with, this month i’m a guest blogger for Deichmann Trendblog!
well, the visit is pleasing, the hosts are hospitable enough – i have no regrets
there is one post by me on the blog right now, more are coming soon!

btw, if you have some, please share your recipes how to make a day longer!

/from the left on top/
1/ that’s how we treat us on Mondays with Fill the City
2/ daydreaming
3/ L’oreal Paris giftbags at Vaida Venckutė Wondertime fashion and beauty salon opening
4/ a moment of total release while visitting my hometown
5/ photoshoot for Panele magazine. results will be quite soon!
6/ best window display i’ve ever seen. of course, it was just a minute between replacing the set, but still!
7/ a little sneak peek from shoot with Toma
8/ pic from opening of Robert Kalinkin boutique, which looks really great! adore the walls
9/ still from one of Sebastian Diaz Morales artworks. great exhibition, and it is still on! at Contemporary Art Centre (CAC). more info here
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