outfit: shoes – unix, bag – vintage, skirt, jacket – second hand

Mindaugas Vaičiulis / BFL
outfit: clutch – Bally, dress – papaya, frindge leggings – diy, jacket – EII
Mados infekcija praėjo greičiau, nei akimirksnis.
Du vakarai, du deriniai ir viskas baigiasi.
Grįžtam į gyvenimą, kimbam į darbus ir susimatysime prie sienos rudenį.
Fashion Infection came to an end faster than a blink. 
Two evenings, two outfits and everything is finished.
And now it’s time to come back to life, let’s meet by the wall next autumn.
 Karolis Kavolėlis, Alfa.lt (photo on the right)
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