I’ve spent a wonderful weekend in my hometown. I’ve let myself to stop for a while and swing in a hammock, listen to birds’ songs. I guess my hometown is the only place where I have the best sleep, the most delicious and natural food and where I always am between the most beloved people. It’s not like I’d like to live there again, it’s just so great to come back for a few days to remember everything.

Nostalgia is one of the main things in my mind at the time. I’m thinking about it so often that it’s even related with my video project for the academy.
How our past affect our future?
This melanholic day start should definitely affect my further day.
Have a nice day, live a nice life, be with nice people.
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  1. Beny, thanks! The header is really simple, I just had some free time one evening and made it. One line here, another here, here some more lines – and that's it, hah!

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