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skirt – M&S, top – Lindex, shirt – COW vintage , boots – Bershka, earrings – Mellow. , watch – Daniel Wellington

It’s hot hot hot! And I’m definitely talking about the weather. The torture is so harsh that I could literally write an essay about the heat in town. I can imagine how excited you all would be reading that, so I will better save it for myself and talk more about my outfit here.

Temperature outside is around 30C pretty much everyday now, so no surprise I went so my lightest wardrobe items and stayed away from black for once. Which also brought me to putting these lovely Mellow. earrings on. For me they don’t work with black outfits that well somehow (unless it’s night time and it’s a party), but white and ivory tones seem to be a perfect base to pull them off. Dare to wear!


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ivoblog---mellow jewelry-lindex top-marksandspencenrs skirt-bershka boots-001

ivoblog --- lindex soft coat - men shirt - minimal look 3

soft coat – Lindex, shirt – Burton, trousers – Lindex, sunglasses – Lindex , boots – L.Strada

This grey soft coat I got from Lindex recently is definitely my favorite thing at the moment. I am madly in love with it, for many reasons. Firstly, it’s perfect for the weather at the moment. It is super light and soft, so you don’t get too warm even in the direct sun. It might actually save you from burning those pale shoulders, if you are as sensitive to the first rays of sun as I am. Also, the color makes it easy to wear it everyday and I do wear this coat a lot indeed. Because why wouldn’t I, you can literally wear the most basic garments, put this coat on top and it makes an outfit right away. A confidence boost in a form of a beautiful soft trench.

The amount of compliments I get about it is insane, trust me. I think there’s definitely something about a girl wearing maxi length flowy clothing. It gives you some extra movement, so you walk down the street and instantly grab everyone’s attention. Just like that. Effortless.



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ivo blog --- lindex - diy trousers - minimal look - 1

top – Lindex, trousers – diy, handbag – humanic, watch – DW

Since summer weather has started to kick in, I just had to take out my white trousers out. These were my little improvised diy project couple of years ago and it still looks very up-to-date, so they are still my go-to trousers when it’s too hot to wear black. I’m super boring when it comes to wearing colours. I mean, I don’t wear them. It’s usually head-to-toe black in winter, adding white pieces of clothing when it gets warmer. It’s very practical – yes, but also very depressing when you think about it, so my goal this season is to add more colours and prints to my outfits. Will see how it goes, however I’m quite willful about this one! After all, I will be spending most of the summer in Italy, I don’t think I will survive it wearing black.


ivo blog --- daniel wellington - outfit - summer17 - minimal - 04
culottes – KapAhl, bag – Humanic, top – vintage – watch – DW Classic Petite

Even if dressing in black is not the smartest choice when it’s that sunny, I simply can’t change myself overnight. Black on black on black is my all time favorite combination and also, silver Daniel Wellington watch wouldn’t look better on any other color.

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ivo blog --- daniel wellington - outfit - summer17 - minimal - 01ivo blog --- daniel wellington - outfit - summer17 - minimal - 05

ivo blog --- daniel wellington - petite watch - new style dw - dw watch - 1

purchase HERE

How new and how lovely this new Daniel Wellington watch is! And even if I am still more than satisfied with the previous style they did, it’s certainly nice to have some freshness for the spring. This 32mm neat mesh strap beauty is available in rose gold and silver, with a white or black dial – choose your own.

And do that quickly, since there is a 15% discount you can use on everything on danielwellington.com  with the code IEVAUKANYTE. Timing is everything!


ivo blog --- vintage - cow birmingham - vogue - flatlay - 2

silver handbag – COW vintage

First it was my grandmother’s clothing and accessories found in the attic upstairs. Then I discovered vintage stores and I’m still more than happy to stop by one. Nothing else lightens up your outfit better than that magical vintage find. Not only because the design is usually completely different to the items currently in stores. The story your vintage find tells you is what makes it so special.

Of course, there is a bottom line and if you cross it, you might become an exact reflection of your grandma. But as long as you know when to stop, you are 100% safe.

Enjoy the vintage hunt!